Sweet Friday Illustrations

Super natural have used Twitter as a platform not just for brand purposes, but also as a means of creating interesting and original content.

This particular brief started as a very open ended question - how can we create something organic for social media that will stand out amongst other agencies, whilst sticking to the Super natural brand?

'Sweet Fridays' became a weekly occurrence in the office, giving me the idea to create something unique for Twitter that would reflect the personal side to Super natural. Thus, an illustration style was established, along with a quirky narrative and suitable copy for the accompanying tweets.

Orange you glad to see the back of this week?! Time to plate up, it's #SweetFriday!
By Jove! We donut know how this week has gone so fast, time to celebrate the weekend with #SweetFriday!
We're ready to pop @OhHowSuper, it's been a busy week! Fridays would suck without #SweetFriday!
Oh how we love a chocolate button at HQ. Well @PaulieScanlon does - he eats them by the bucketful! #SweetFriday
They say "one can't buy happiness", but one can buy 4 muffins from @Morrisons for £1. I rest my case. #SweetFriday
.@sbkcreative is really taking the biscuit today. No, really, she's eaten all the @McVities rich teas #SweetFriday
What is the meaning of life? All evidence to date suggests it's chocolate. #SweetFriday
What country did sweets come from? Sweeten ;) See what we did there chaps?! Haha... haha... ha. #SweetFriday!